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This stand will allow you to place your external DVD drive upright, thus saving some space on your desk. Straight lines, rounded corners, cold metal, and no external moving parts. Everything unnecessary was taken away, only the functionally useful parts were left. You will not have to worry about the lost cord, as this Mac external DVD drive has its cord firmly fixed to the body.

Our age is the age of increasing performance capabilities and at the same time of minimizing sizes for portable electronic devices. Every manufacturer strives to make their products smaller, and often it means sacrificing some features. More and more laptops nowadays come without internal optical drives, and Ultrabooks are the whole class of devices that does not have this type of drive. Several software products are released on optical discs only even today.

With an external DVD drive, you can always read, copy, or write burn an optical disc.

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And with its small size and light weight, it can be used anywhere and anytime. The hub will multiply the number of your USB ports. And if you like the USB flash drives but need more storage space, then you will find it useful to look through our external hard drives review with their hundreds of Gigabytes of data right there in your pocket. There are three types of discs that are the most popular: By ways of using different technologies, these types of discs differ in the amount of data they can store.

If it's just a small video or a few hundreds of photos, then a DVD drive is more than enough for you. These discs are very popular and widespread. And for high-quality and high-resolution video, backup copies of your operation system, or data storage Blu-ray discs will be more suitable.

Large storage space of such discs will handle these tasks best. It stands to reason that different types of discs require different drive types with different technologies. But such drive will not read a Blu-ray disc. Choose a Blu-ray supporting drive, and any of the types we mentioned above will be accessible to you. Manufacturers usually indicate it by numbers with an "x" letter. The "1x" speed of a DVD disc means 1. A 6x Blu-ray will burn a standard disc in 15 minutes. June 28, Leave a comment as or Logout.

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In this case, external drives come to help us. Read more Read less. BEST Best Pick. Check Price on Amazon. Reading Speed. Writing Speed. Buffer Memory. Reasonable Price. The device supports the M-Disk format, so you can store your data as long as you need. Sometimes you may need to press the button more than once to open the tray. It can be set either horizontally or vertically, so you will have no problem with placing it regardless of the space you have.

You might need to sometimes wipe the shimmering surface. And its stylish diamond-cut design won't let you just pass by.

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DVD - 4x to 8x CD - 10x to 24x. DVD - 5x to 8x CD - 16x to 24x. You will not be worrying about the connection cord, as the cord in this USB external CD drive is an integral part of the body. The housing is made of aluminum and is scratch-resistant. This Mac external CD drive is only supported by the Apple devices.

DVD - 6x to 8x CD - 16x to 24x. An external DVD drive in a traditional Apple style, square with straight lines and rounded corners The housing is aluminum Placed horizontally No disc tray, it is a slot-loading drive. Dell DW Height Dell DW What customers say about this product. Key Specs.

10 Best USB DVD Drives 2018

Average speed tested on a Dell Inspiron i5 2. Burns DVDs quickly and accurately. Great purchase.

The research

The Speed Adjustment technology provides automatic correction of the read speed depending on the content type. In addition, the Tilt Actuator Compensation technology allows you to write your data even on a slightly deformed media the technology adjusts the correct position of the lens to get a stable burning on the entire surface. Buffer Memory Dell DW Best rip speed I saw was just over 20x - although the average including compression time was between 6 and 7 x.

Power consumption seems modest. Unit seems solid and well built. Just plug it in and use it. I have used it both to write and read CDs on my laptop which does not have its own built in CD drive and each time it has done so as expected. Weight Dell DW It has decent speeds and is a bit noisy but does the job. True plug and play for both Windows and Mac OS.

With those criteria in mind, we scoured retailers for the best-selling and top-rated optical drives, and we checked manufacturer websites for models released since our previous update. As we tested, we took note of how easy it was to insert and retrieve discs from each drive, and we paid attention to the noise each drive produced. We also showed the drives to a handful of people for design comparison, and noted how sturdy the drives, buttons, cables, and plugs felt.

The GP65NB60 ripped and burned our test disc at roughly the same speeds as the other drives we tested, give or take a few seconds. Though the LG GP65NB60 is significantly better than many of the drives we researched, not many things distinguish this model from our runner-up. It's slightly lighter, at 0. If you need a Y-cable to connect to an older computer, this model should do.

Best external cd drives for mac

Other than that, it's mostly the availability and the price that give the GP65NB60 its edge—this model is almost always cheaper, and it's available from Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members, unlike our runner-up. This design is not as convenient to see or use as a top-mounted light and button, but we had no problems ejecting discs during our tests.

The GP65NB60 is coated in a shiny plastic that picks up fingerprints and dust. It seems like it would scratch easily, but in our tests it survived quite a few stuffed-backpack trips unscathed. LG covers the drive with a one-year warranty. If speed is a concern for frequent Blu-ray ripping or writing tasks, you should get our runner-up Blu-ray pick or invest in a dedicated internal Blu-ray drive for a desktop computer; otherwise, for reading Blu-rays and DVDs, and occasionally burning either one, this Pioneer drive is the best option.

In our tests, the Pioneer could get pretty noisy when ripping and burning discs, but it was a little quieter when playing a movie. The drive has a clamshell lid rather than a tray-loading design—when you press the Open button located on the top rather than the front of the drive, the top opens like a car hood to let you insert or remove a disc. If our top pick for DVD drives sells out or jumps in price, you could buy the LG SP80NB80 and get the same performance and a slightly better design, though at a price that fluctuates and sometimes requires paying a shipping fee.

What Features to Compare

In our tests, it read and wrote DVDs at roughly the same speeds as our top pick, often within just seconds. Its matte surface is a bit more attractive and less scratch-prone than that of our top pick, and its Micro-USB connection, rather than Mini-USB, means that most owners would rarely be stuck without a cable nearby or, at the least, available at a drugstore. In our tests, it was about 30 percent faster—or roughly 15 minutes faster per disc—than the Pioneer at ripping Blu-rays.

It was a couple of minutes faster at writing Blu-rays, too.

The Best External Optical Drives for DVDs and Blu-rays

The LG drive is about half an inch wider and longer than the Pioneer drive, and it weighs about a tenth of a pound more. Windows 7 and earlier can play DVDs just fine without additional software, but not Blu-ray discs. To play Blu-ray discs legally on a Mac or a Windows PC, you need to purchase software that licenses those codecs.

The CyberLink software included with our favorite DVD and Blu-ray drives is a decent option—more of a small trash-can fire—for Windows users, and similar alternatives exist for people running macOS.